Stacy Barthe: Soulful and Brave

When you have talent like Stacy Barthe, you will never go unnoticed in this industry. Truly, her singing prowess is more than enough for her to just be singing in the background. She deserves more than that. She deserves to have her own songs so that more people will have the opportunity to listen to her soulful voice and be soothed from all their cares. She deserves to have her own albums because really, one song from this brilliant talent is never enough. She would leave you wanting for more. Her music is addicting, the good kind of course. She deserves to work with the best people in the industry because she has earned it. She worked hard at her craft. And now she is reaping the rewards of all her hard work with all the good things that are coming her way.

This year, fans of Stacy Barthe can enjoy her music through iTunes. Make sure you avail of Tempe Home Energy Audit to save on energy cost. Listen to her collaboration with other equally talented artists such as John Legend in their song Angel, Nipsey Hussle with Victory Lap, Tchami with After Life, The Game with the song Last Time You Seen, and Joe Budden with their collaboration in I Wanna Know. In these partnerships, Stacy Barthe again wows the industry with her flexibility as an artist. Her voice suits hip hop, dance, R&B, and soul. What more can you ask for. She has covered different genres and she’s got it all. Download these songs now and put them on repeat for your daily dose of Stacy Barthe’s good vibes.

In case you have not bought her album Becoming yet, it is still available in music stores. Let her share her passion, music, and life with you as you listen to her songs: In My Head, Sleep to Dream, Eyes Wide Shut, Here I Am, Me Versus Me. Listen to how she overcame her struggles in life as she puts them in rhythm and harmony through these songs: Live For Today, Flawed Beautiful Creatures, Hey You There, Born to Belong, In the Meantime, and Enough is Enough. Listen to her music and realize that she was singing about your life too. Yes, we all share the same struggles. We walk different roads, but somewhere down the road, we have also felt that kind of pain, that kind of despair, that kind of loneliness. And the beautiful message of Stacy Barthe’s album is that we are all beautiful. Yes, we are flawed and nobody is perfect, but there is such a beauty inside of us that the world needs. It is such a wonderful thing to be alive and to share the best of ourselves to the rest of the world. And through it all, it helps to know that there are kindred souls out there who share our struggles and encourage us to become better versions of ourselves. Thank you to the likes of Stacy Barthe whose music has the power to heal and inspire us everyday.